The net proceeds from the preceding three Events have been directed to the Peter Cernansky Memorial Fund Inc.* (PCMFund) for:

  • Counseling and youth academic development initiatives at Westhill High School (WHS) as a prototype for program development involving: 
    • Adaptation of NFL Foundation “Play It Smart” Program which AthLife Foundation adopted
    • Use of as ‘platform’ for counseling development under “Play It Smart”.  This has led to creation of Westhill HS (WHS) PurplePACT (PPACT), which stands for Players' Academic Counseling and Tutoring.
    • PurplePACT has initiated specific mentoring, tutoring, test preparation, studyhall and counseling initiatives per AthLife methodology.
    • Initiation of 'A Football Journey' curriculum for all players (with emphasis on entering Freshman and Freshman-to-be-Sophomores) as part of PurplePACT character development component.   
    • Integration of counseling prototype effort with Stamford high schools reform initiative with emphasis on transition from middle to high school.
    • Effective March 2016, the Stamford Board of Education has approved a grant process whereby the Peter Cernansky Memorial Fund Inc. grants pre-reviewed & approved funds towards a budget for WHS directed to the AthLife Foundation.  AthLife Foundation then contractually grants the funds to WesthillHS and inter-acts/ oversees directly the WHS PurplePACT program per pre-established criteria. An 'academic coach' has been retained working under a WHS Assistant Principal; both  are visiting other schools which participate with AthLife for further AthLife model edification and adaptation to the WHS effort.  There is an expectation that this will expand to Stamford HS and possibly the 8th grades of some or all Stamford middle schools (funding dependent in part). 
    • WHS PPACT is expanding to all sports with the intention involving all WHS all extra-curricular activities.

  • Initiate scholarship(s) in Peter's name with focus on various applicant criteria in keeping with the Peter Cernansky Memorial Fund mission (e.g., Westhill HS Academy of Finance scholarship); see  
  • Westhill HS quarterback development via Five Star Quarterback Training (Coach Travis Meyer) which also includes development initiation sessions for interested Stamford Youth Football quarterbacks.                            
  • Assist Stamford Youth Foundation/Football (SYF) with middle school football & cheer transition to high school.  Westhill HS,via the PurplePACT effort, pays for interested SYF football coaches GLAZIER Coaching Clinic attendance and ongoing on-line access.  Each year PCMFund has made contributions to SYF.  Contribution made to AthLife to help fund Bay Area YMCA (California) AthLife program initiative (e.g., in less than 48 hours over 70 high school boys & girls signed up for program participation)

  • PCMFund has made contributions to fund AthLife program efforts involving: (1) the Bay Area YMCA working within Burton HS in San Francisco, California (2 years running) and this past year for two high schools in Ohio: for (2) Canton McKinley HS (which recently merged with another public HS to become the consolidated HS for Canton) and (3) Sandusky. Please note that PCMFund receives contributions from all across the United States including California and Ohio.
  • Last year PCMFund made a contribution to Stamford PEACE, a Stamford-based academic development initiative directed to middle school (and primary and high school level as well) basketball team league participants.
  •  PCMFund is exploring initiatives with Stamford's Yerwood Center and Boy's and Girl's Club which fit PCMFund's mission of helping all students transit adolesence with particular focus on the 8th, 9th and 10th grades.

    * Peter Cernansky Memorial Fund Inc. (PCMFund) was created in Fall of 2013 and has administered net proceeds payments related to the past three (3) Events (e.g., primarily providing funds for the development & establishment of WHS Purple PACT program).  PCMFund, the Event sponsoring legal entity, was deemed an organization exempt under Code section 501(c)(3) and a public charity with effective date of exemption November 6, 2013 for contribution deductibility.  The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection has deemed PCMfund a registered Public Charity per annual renewal.    See
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